I’m Taisuke, a web developer, currently based in Japan. I started the website back in 2011 to help the promotion of several music artists I had personal connection with. I found that artists who create great music often remain undiscovered by those who would appreciate it. I thought there needed to be some kind of bridge between them and audience, and that’s how I started this website. I’m hoping that more people will get to know the artists who focus solely on creating good stuff as opposed to the vanity of the commercialized industry. I am also hoping that the site will maybe become a place where artists or people in the creative industry get to know each other for collaborations and even expand further from there.

I renewed the website in February 2015, incorporating a blog section. I’m planning to write things more related to my personal experiences, and possibly about artists who are not in music industry but in other fields.

“Not mixing to dilute, but mixing to set off the virtue of each element.”

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